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I specialise in the cleaning and articulation of animal skeletons so if you have a specimen that you would like preparing as a skeletal mount, please contact me to discuss prices and options.

I also consider taxidermy work and have a good deal of experience in this field. You can see examples of both my skeletons and taxidermy mounts here on my website.

Please note that I will require relevant information on the specimen before taking on any work, such as location and date of find if it is a wild death, or full details on the animal if it were a captive. I will also need full name and address of the supplier. If you have any questions please contact me!

Please note that I do not sell Dermestid Beetles or offer advice on skeleton articulation or taxidermy.



Luke Williams


If requesting a quote please include the following information:- species, whether I am to supply the specimen or you are, pose you would like it in, cased or uncased and if you require delivery; if so address? This will ensure you get a speedy reply. Thank you.

Please note I am not open to the public. Please contact me to make an appointment if you wish to visit my workshop.

Please always read the Terms (link above) before commissioning a piece of work.

I have unfortunatley had to remove the contact form from my website due to being bombarded with spam emails so please email me direct using the address below. Thank you.